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We put all our efforts into understanding your business. We don’t care about the size of your company, we’re only interested in providing you with the best services possible and adapting to your needs and budget.



We are aware that our knowledge of the law is not enough to win our clients’ trust. At Brexia Legal we make each case our own, which means that we, the partners, take care of your case and strive to make sure your voice is heard and your rights protected from beginning to end.



We specialize in company law. Our clients present us with great challenges and put their trust in our ability to overcome these challenges. We never let them down.

We fight for you

The firm

We are an innovative firm specialized in company law and we believe in forming lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, sincerity and commitment. We want to create a new model for legal services, accessible, personalized, and focused on winning, no matter the challenges involved in your case.

For us, “making a difference” is not just an empty phrase: it’s at the core of our beliefs. We think creatively as well as proactively to find the best solutions to the problems that are presented to us, without forgetting the business needs of our clients.

Each company is different. Each case is a challenge.

Our values


We are professionals, but above all, we are human beings. We know that our clients are facing great challenges when they hire our services and our main goal is to solve their problems. However, not everything is about legal issues. That is why we combine our expertise and knowledge with a relationship based on trust, closeness and sincerity with our clients.


We firmly believe that before solving a legal problem, it is better to try to avoid it. That is why you can contact us any time, not just when something happens. You can contact us when your company is getting off the ground or before taking an important strategic decision. We will advise you to ensure every legal-related decision you make is the best one. Strategy is one of our strong suits.


We are your company’s allies. Whether you are the company’s lawyer or the head of the legal department, if you are dealing with a case that is not in your area of expertise or you are just too busy to deal with, we will take care of it in a rigorous and professional manner. Just like you would.


The hardest case, the most complicated lawsuit, the problem that seems to have no solution: we have specialized in these types of cases for more than two decades now. We know what is necessary to win a case and do not hesitate in doing it.

…but not killer sharks

Ours is a noble profession. It requires commitment, sacrifice and above all, integrity. We don’t waste our energies promising to deliver impossible results. Instead, we invest our efforts in making the impossible a reality.


The Firm

A network of professionals with something in common: talent

Who we are

We are lawyers specialized in company law with ample experience dealing with medium and big businesses.

Brexia Legal is an innovative law firm, which adapts new structural models to each client’s needs. We are not rigid. We are not old-fashioned. We are not big. We don’t need to be.

We are constantly looking for talented, creative and multidisciplinary professionals to create a network of experienced lawyers in a variety of legal areas. Innovation has always been the key to progress, and being one step ahead not only gives us advantages over classical law firms, but also makes us more effective and adaptable to your needs. That means coming up with different ideas and perspectives.

Alfredo Sánchez-Rubio Triviño

Alfredo has been a lawyer since 1994 and specialises in arbitration and judicial proceedings in the area of business law: corporate disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, economic crime, unfair competition, industrial property, etc. Corporate compliance counselling and legal guidance.

Mª Pilar Valenzuela Mínguez

María Pilar has been a lawyer since 2010 and specialises on commercial and administrative law: mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, insolvency.She has a Master’s Degree on Personal Data Protection from UNED (National Distance Education University).Corporate compliance counselling and legal guidance.

There’s nothing we like more than a challenge

Areas of practice

Business Law Counselling

Business Law Counselling

  • Constitution, modification, dissolution and liquidation
  • Merger, split, transformation and contribution of a branch of activity
  • Commercial and distribution agreements
  • Secretariat of the Governing Board or Board of Trustees
  • Shareholders' and partners’ agreements
  • Sale-purchase of companies and assets, restructuring
  • Contracts for works and services
  • Financing and securities
  • General conditions of contract
  • Joint ventures and other administrative agreements
  • Corporate compliance
  • Labour advice
  • Assignment of industrial property rights, technology transfer
  • Administrative contracts, expropriations, grants and subsidies
  • Defence of Competition
Pre-litigation and Specialized Strategies

Pre-litigation and Specialized Strategies

  • Extrajudicial proceedings in conflicts between companies
  • Counselling and intervention in conflicting situations between partners
  • Legal assistance in court proceedings in all sorts of claims and lawsuits
  • Intervention and counselling in arbitral proceedings and other alternative mechanisms
  • Insolvencies. Creditors’ meetings
  • Directors' liabilities
  • Unfair competition
  • Economic criminal law
  • Legal defence in responsibility of legal persons
  • Protection of distinctive signs, inventions and authors’ royalties
  • Proceedings on violation and nullity of industrial and intellectual property titles
  • Administrative procedures under administrative law
  • Pecuniary liability of the government

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