We are innovative, creative, flexible and we fight for your interests

Our services


Brexia Legal is an innovative law firm that adapts to each client. We are specialized in corporate and technology law, with experience in large firms.

We are not a classic law firm.
We are not big.
Nor do we need to be.

We are constantly looking for and connecting multidisciplinary and creative talents and professionals, generating a network of lawyers with extensive experience in different practice areas. Innovation has always been the key to progress, and being one step ahead of the classic law firm structure not only differentiates us, but makes us a more effective and adaptable firm. Always bringing different ideas and perspectives.

We are flexible and transparent. We do not give surprises. We work with a previous budget, so you can know all the details of our work from the beginning to the end. The work spaces are shared, which gives us great advantages in the immediacy of contact between professionals and the possibility of sharing knowledge. In Brexia Legal we make every fight our cause and that means that we are the partners who take your case and we face it from the beginning to the end.


"We accompany you in the calm and in the storm".

We accompany the company and its managers in making day-to-day legal decisions.

We dedicate all our effort to understand your activity. We work with all types of companies: micro-companies, SMEs and large multinationals. We only care about doing a good job and adapting to your needs and budget. You don’t need to hire us only when something goes wrong. Come to see us when your company is in development or when you have to make a strategic decision, we will advise you in its growth and in the legal decisions you have to make.


A good legal strategy puts you in a better position to make decisions, allowing you to avoid legal proceedings or face them from a more favorable position, through the generation of evidence. We are experts in conflicts, but we firmly believe that before solving a legal problem it is better to avoid it. Therefore, come to see us from the beginning, in order to explore all avenues and to be able to adequately plan each step to take, for your benefit.


We like nothing better than a challenge. We specialize in complex litigation, the hardest to win, the problems that seem to have no solution. That’s what we’ve specialized in for more than two decades, knowing what it takes to win a trial and not hesitating to see it through.
If you are responsible for legal matters or the in-house lawyer of a company and you are faced with a case that you are not specialized in or cannot handle at that moment, we take care of it. In a rigorous, professional and committed way. Just as you would do it.